5 Tips to Grow a Beard Faster

5 Tips to Grow a Beard Faster

Every man has a maximum growth rate that their genetics will allow, utilize these five tips to help you reach your growth potential.

1. Eat a healthy diet - it is important to feed your beard the nutrients it needs to grow. Make sure you are getting plenty of proteins as well as fruits and vegetables in order to ensure your body is getting enough vitamins. Healthy fats are important as well, I would recommend avacados, fish or any kind of nuts such as almonds.

2. Healthy skin - healthy skin promotes healthy beard growth, make sure you are taking care of the skin beneath your beard by making sure it's clean and moisturized. It can also help if you exfoliate the skin now and then to remove dead skin and avoid ingrown hairs. STAY hydrated. When you're well hydrated your skin is a lot clearer and healthier. Therefore, your beard will be healthier.

3. Plenty of rest - make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Hair grows a lot in your sleep. This is when your body recuperates and repairs muscle tissue. Rest is just as important for hair growth as it is for other bodily functions.

4. Exercise - a daily exercise routine of 30-45 minutes can really reduce stress levels. Stress can be a killer for hair growth. It can cause patches and bald spots and definitely hinder growth. Exercise can also raise testosterone levels and increase blood flow which can stimulate the hair follicles.

5. Biotin and multivitamins - Multivitamins can be a great supplement. They can help ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals that you need if you're not getting enough strictly from your diet. Biotin has shown to help increase growth rate and reach your maximum growth potential.

Follow these tips for faster beard growth and enjoy improved overall health and well being as a side effect.

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  • Joe Yates

    Excellent tips, I adhere to most of them and satisfied with growth rate….except the weak mustache

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