Beard Booze Collaborates with Yesod Williams of Pepper!

Beard Booze Collaborates with Yesod Williams of Pepper!

As some of you may or may not know, Heather and I are pretty heavy into the reggae scene. Before starting Beard Booze we frequented many music festivals in the Tampa Bay area and all around Florida. Naturally, we have always been huge fans of the band Pepper.

After founding Beard Booze and getting some traction, it only made sense to send Yesod Williams, who just so happens to play lead drums for the band Pepper, some of our products to sample in his legendary beard. As it turned out, he really enjoyed it. We then decided to suggest making a signature line with Yesod, which to our delight he accepted. This began our several month journey in perfecting the label and scent.

Our collaboration resulted in an amazing black pepper and grapefruit scent with a really eye catching label. Our goal was to incorporate all of the "things that we love" (pun intended) into an extraordinary product. That product is the Yesod Williams signature beard oil and beard balm.

We are extremely proud to announce the release of this line and cannot show enough gratitude to Yesod, not only for the opportunity, but for his invaluable input in the creation of the finished product. We hope all of you enjoy! 

Always remember, in the words of Yesod himself, "It's the beard that binds us".