How to Deal with a Patchy Beard

How to Deal with a Patchy Beard

I see far too many men who think they have a "patchy beard" destroy them before they ever even have a chance.

When dealing with a "patchy beard" it is important to remember that the expectation that your beard will have full coverage within a few weeks is unrealistic. Of course there are those exceptions who can grow a Zach Galifianakis beard within a few weeks, but the majority of us start out pretty patchy, me included.

It is imperative to expect that your beard is going to take some time to fully develop. Thinner or patchier spots will tend to fill in or cover over in time as the beard gets longer.

Age is another very important factor. The average man's beard will continue to get fuller and thicker into his 30's and sometimes even 40's. So, if you're in your 20's and a fearing you will have to deal with a patchy beard for the rest of your life, it is very possible that it will continue to get fuller and thicker over the next decade.

If you've given it plenty of time to grow and are at an age that your beard should be fully developed, there are some things you can do to help maximize your coverage. From the very beginning make sure you are using oil, balm and a beard brush to keep the hair and skin healthy as well as start training the hair to grow in the desired directly so it covers over nicely with length. It is important to make sure you keep certain areas tidy to give it a fuller appearance. For instance, if I let my cheek line creep too high, my beard will start to look thin and patchy. As soon as I bring that line back down to where it should be, my beard appears much fuller.

Remember, what may seem like a patchy beard to you, may be another man's dream beard.