All of our scent profiles are made from 100% pure essential oils!

Buzz Kill - an insect repelling blend of essential oils that has a lovely crisp, refreshing scent made up of citronella, lavender and pine

Castaway - an amazing warm, sweet and citrusy blend of sandalwood and citrus essential oils

Groundhog - a very fresh, earthy blend reminiscent of spring made up of patchouli and lemongrass essential oils

Hawaiian Lion - a wonderful floral and lime scent. A very crisp blend of lavender, lime and sandalwood essential oils

Rip Van Winkle - is our masculine, woodsy scent made up of cedarwood, pine, fir needle and tea tree essential oils

Shrunken Head - a warm, rich blend with a hint of sweet and smokey made up of vanilla, clove and tangerine essential oils

Smuggler's Blend - a nice warm, spiced bay scent (our spin on Bay Rum) made up of bay laurel, black pepper, clove, cinnamon and orange essential oils

Yesod Williams - an epic blend of black pepper and grapefuit that makes for an amazing spiced citrus scent.

Original - Unscented


Why we only use 100% pure essential oils for scent

Fragrance Oils are blended synthetic aroma compounds or natural essential oils that are diluted with a carrier like propylene glycol, vegetable oil, or mineral oil. Fragrance oils may contain phthalates, petrochemicals and other ingredients that may be toxic, cause skin irritation and skin sensitivities. They are not natural. Since it is our commitment to our customers to use only natural ingredients, we use only pure essential oils to scent our products.

The chemical composition of essential oils cannot be recreated in a laboratory. Essential oils are derived from real plant material. Fragrance oils are artificially created and, even those that are derived from natural components, do not offer the therapeutic advantages of essential oils. For example, essential oils like Tea Tree and Rosemary have natural anti-bacterial or anti-viral properties.

Synthetic fragrance oils may duplicate the smell of a flower or herb, but they have no aromatherapeutic value. Only natural botanical essential oils can cause various neurochemicals to be released in the brain which can affect the body, mind and spirit.

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