Beard Balm Samples (3 Scents of Choice)

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Beard Booze beard balm is made up of all natural oils and butters. Along with smelling great, it will leave your beard feeling soft, looking shiny and well groomed.  Your beard is thirsty, give it the nourishment it needs for a healthy growing environment!

Choose 3 Scents!
  • Buzz Kill - an insect repelling blend of essential oils that has a lovely crisp, refreshing scent made up of citronella, lavender and pine
  • Castaway - an amazing warm, sweet and citrusy blend of sandalwood and citrus essential oils
  • Hawaiian Lion - a wonderful floral and lime scent. A very crisp blend of lavender, lime and sandalwood essential oils
  • Rip Van Winkle - is our masculine, woodsy scent made up of cedarwood, pine, fir needle and tea tree essential oils
  • Shrunken Head - a warm, rich blend with a hint of sweet and smokey made up of vanilla, clove and tangerine essential oils
  • Smuggler's Blend - a nice warm, spiced bay scent (our spin on Bay Rum) made up of bay laurel, black pepper, clove, cinnamon and orange essential oils
  • Yesod Williams - an epic blend of black pepper and grapefuit that makes for an amazing spiced citrus scent.
  • Original - Unscented

(3) Beard oil samples of your choice of any combination of our beard balms

    • Bees Wax – Gives the balm its hold. It also contains Vitamin A and provides long-term moisturizing, actually locking moisture into the hair and skin
    • Coconut Oil – Hydrates dry skin, repairs damaged hair and tames flyaway hairs
    • Shea Butter – Moisturizes, protects and softens hair, as well as soothing dry and irritated skin
    • Sweet Almond Oil – Protects, moisturizes and gives hair shine
    • Jojoba Oil – Strengthens hair fibers, hydrates, adds shine, encourages hair growth and helps prevent dry skin spots
    • Essentials Oils - Therapeutic properties as well as pleasant scents

    Our beard balms have a medium hold and consistency without that "waxy" feel. They have a nice hold, while remaining easy to work with and apply.


    (3) Beard balms in 5 ml plastic containers

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