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Try a sample of our beard oil, balm and wash!

Your Choice of any 8 Scents
  • Buzz Kill - an insect repelling blend of essential oils that has a lovely crisp, refreshing scent made up of citronella, lavender and pine
  • Castaway - an amazing warm, sweet and citrusy blend of sandalwood and citrus essential oils
  • Hawaiian Lion - a wonderful floral and lime scent. A very crisp blend of lavender, lime and sandalwood essential oils
  • Rip Van Winkle - is our masculine, woodsy scent made up of cedarwood, pine, fir needle and tea tree essential oils
  • Shrunken Head - a warm, rich blend with a hint of sweet and smokey made up of vanilla, clove and tangerine essential oils
  • Smuggler's Blend - a nice warm, spiced bay scent (our spin on Bay Rum) made up of bay laurel, black pepper, clove, cinnamon and orange essential oils
  • Yesod Williams - an epic blend of black pepper and grapefuit that makes for an amazing spiced citrus scent.
  • Original - Unscented

(1) Sample of beard oil in a 1 dram dropper bottle

(1) Sample of beard balm in a 5 ml plastic jar

(1) Sample of beard wash in a .5 oz squeeze bottle

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