The Great Beard Debate: Why I Think They’re Here to Stay…

There is no denying that the beard is on an upward “trend”, but I question some critics’ reasoning behind it. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that some would suggest that the beard is in the same category as bell bottoms, tie dye or zoot suits. It’s hard to believe that most men who have beards grew them to “fit in” or “be cool”. Here’s why. 

I think most beardsmen would agree that we don’t grow our beards for other people, or because we worry about what they think. To me, that defeats a majority of the purpose of the beard. A beard is a sign of independence and willingness to go your own way. We love our beards, how they look and how they make us feel. Speaking from my own experience, having a beard makes me feel more confident and more myself. It’s almost like a right of passage or a coming of age, if you will. It provides a feeling of wisdom and maturity. I have grown to love my beard and all it has given me; I hardly think that’s a fad or fleeting trend. I will always want to feel this way and will always have a beard in some form or another for the rest of my life. Having and growing your beard is a journey, a journey that only a man who has taken it could ever understand.

So why are we seeing more and more beards? Well, societal views towards beards are changing. They are becoming more accepted in all facets of life, even the corporate world. Men don’t just let their beards run wild anymore. Beardsmen are keeping their beards maintained and well groomed. Beard care and men’s grooming is gaining more notoriety and becoming a part of some men’s daily routine. Nowadays many beards are accompanied with a fresh haircut and sharp attire. It has become more and more difficult to argue that this look is any less presentable or “professional”. 

The bottom line is that beardsman are slowly reversing societies negative views on beards one day and one beard at a time. How we act and how we present ourselves is the sole reason for this. So if you yourself are currently growing your beard or if you’re supporting someone who does, you are an integral part of this great change. Keep up the great work and keep on beardin’ on.