8 Reasons to Date a Bearded Mate

There's simply is no hiding the resurrection of the beard.  Women often express their strong opinions towards beards both negative and positive.  So, here are 8 positive reasons to give a bearded man a try or encourage your man to try a beard.

8.  Health and Fitness
More often than not a bearded man leads a more vigorous and adventurous way of life than his clean-shaven counterpart. These activities are often performed outdoors, which can include hunting, fishing and rock climbing.  Beards are proven to protect the skin against the harmful elements while performing such activities, slowing down the aging process.
7.  Father Figures

Bearded men are frequently perceived to be superior and more protective fathers as well as more levelheaded, wise and shrewd.  No, we are not implying that you want to date your dad.  However, women tend to gravitate towards a viable candidate for their offspring.

6.  Understanding

Let’s face it, the days of just putting down the razor and letting nature do the work are over. Growing, keeping and grooming a nice beard takes a lot of time and energy. Instead of pacing impatiently waiting for you to straighten your hair, he will be right next to you going through his daily beard routine. What better time to talk to him about that co-worker you can’t stand. 

5.  Patience

It is hard to understand the patience growing a beard requires. This man has vision and can see the end result he is destined to achieve. A man who is composed enough not to make any rash decisions such as shaving when his journey gets tough, will be a great asset when it comes to decision-making.

4.  May Possess More Virility

It is no secret that body hair is a sure sign of puberty. It would make sense that a bearded man appears more suited for reproduction, which is appealing to women looking to start families.

3.  It Signifies Esteem

Women inherently desire protection and security. It is rather easy to spot the bearded Alpha in a room full of clean-shaven Betas. Beards can be seen as symbols of power, masculinity, confidence and prestige.

2.  A Lion in the Bedroom

A man’s mane can give him a bit of an advantage in this area. The beard’s versatility can provide a wide array of sensations from bit of roughness to a tender tickle where it’s needed.

1.  Sex Appeal

Men with beards unquestionably have a more strong and masculine appearance that most women find appealing. Tell me Gerard Butler doesn’t look like more of a badass in “300” than he does in “P.S. I Love You”. It can help weak jaw lines appear more pronounced and even hide the dreaded double chin. Beards can also help to hide any imperfections such as acne or scars. Women have their make up and we have our beards.

There are many more reasons beyond these 8 why beards are great, but we will save those for another list!