5 Tricks for a Thicker Beard

5 Tricks for a Thicker Beard

We are all limited by our genetics, but here are some tricks we can use in order to make our beards looks fuller and thicker.

🎽 Shirt Choice - It's important to take the color and style of your shirt into account when going for a beard that looks thicker. Choose like colors or colors that you've learned best display your beard. Think of it as a back drop for the beard!

🥊 Beard Press - No this is not an exercise! Simply press your beard against your shirt. It will fan the beard out and produce a fuller, thicker looking beard.

💡 Angle & Lighting - Light is the enemy of beards. Light shining through the beard can really make it look thin. For photos, be sure the lighting is facing you and you’re not “backlit”.

🚿 Styling and Products - I like to fluff my beard out and let it dry to separate the hairs. This creates more volume in your beard. Then when you couple that with beard oil and balm to compress and tame that volume, a thicker looking beard is the result.

🔪 Trims and Maintenance - It is important to get the super fast growing stragglers cleaned up as they can make your beard look wispy. You'd be amazed how much fuller and thicker your beard can look after a slight trim.

🙏  Thank you for reading, hope this helps!

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