What Does Your Beard Mean?

What Does Your Beard Mean?

Since the beginning of time it seems that man has revolted against nature in an effort to feel some control in a world where so much remains unknown.

The same struggle is faced every morning as a man stands in front of his bathroom mirror, deciding whether to shave or to let his beard grow…

The Decision

Our decision not only says a lot about who we are as a person, but a lot about our society as a whole. Although it appears that beards have been making quite the comeback over the past few years, a completely shaven face is still very much the standard. No matter how many articles you read, or how many hipsters you see, having a beard is still viewed as a sign of rebellion. Let’s be honest, I think most of us like that, I know I do. While some men embrace nature and let the beard sprout and take hold, most men make the decision to continue to destroy their beards for various reasons. It’s all about what’s important to each individual, if you and your loved ones are happy, I’d say you’re making the right decision.

Indicator of Change

Facial hair has been said to be an indicator of change, a change in ideas. It indicates that man’s views on facial hair and society as a whole, is changing. These types of changes don’t happen often throughout history. I see it as a push back against prior societal norms, a way of distinguishing yourself from the sea of shaven faces. It’s not so much a rebellion against the actual act of shaving, but the cultural ideology behind it. Men want to be more themselves. I know I surely don’t like to be told what it is I’m “supposed to do” or “supposed to look like”. Growing a beard has helped me achieve that, it’s helped me embrace who I am as a man without concerning myself with the thoughts of others. To me, it’s a signifier that I’m no longer bound to the corporate world and that lifestyle, I’m a free man.

What a Beard Means

To me, a beard has helped me become who I am. It’s helped me have more self-confidence and become much more comfortable in social situations. It means I’m not only a man, but an independent man. An individual who’s not been bought and has the freedom to come and go as he pleases. A beard helps me stand out in the crowd, sometimes negatively as well as positively and that’s fine with me. I’m willing to take the occasional dirty look or snide comment to keep what growing a beard has given me. It seems that most who don’t understand why men decide to stop shaving automatically assume that they’re part of three major stereotypes. Hipsters, rednecks or terrorists. While most bearded men fall outside of these categories, so what if they are hipsters or rednecks? Why not just let the man be and be who they are?

What does your beard mean to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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