Beard of the Month

Beard of the Month is a monthly competition on our Beard Booze Facebook page. Each contestant enters his beard photo in the comments section of our Beard of the Month post and the winner is selected by the most number of "likes" on the photo. Each month the winner will be featured on our website and Facebook page and also receive a prize from our store. Thank you for your participation, we wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoy coming together each month! Check out all of the previous winners below.

October 2018

Monty Minter

Congratulations to Monty Minter on winning Beard of the Month for October! He is 44 years old and born and raised in Dallas, Texas. This beard is going on 3 and half years now. He is also the President of North Texas Chapter of BEARD MOBB BEARD CLUB. Magnificent beard, Monty!

September 2018

Jeremy Pursel

Congratulations to Jeremy Pursel for winning Beard of the Month for September! Jeremy is 34 and has lived in Pennsylvania his entire life. He's not married and has no kids, he's just happy living the single life for now. He's been growing some form of facial hair since he's been able to grow it, usually a goatee. This current beard, he's been growing for 14 months. He says, "It's been a great experience finding the beard community on social media. I have only been around it for less than a year, but have made lots of great friends and found a great family in the Beard Mobb." Jeremy is the president of the Pennsylvania chapter of Beard Mobb and looking forward to a great future! He would also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me!

August 2018

John Fontenot

Congratulations to John Fontenot for winning Beard of the Month for August! John is married to a blessed soul of a woman named Phyllis. He's a 39 year old father of a 14 year old girl named Allyssa and lives in Calhoun, Louisiana. He's been working at Louisiana Tech University since September of 2001 and growing his neck sweater for 3 years. Most people know him as "Boo Font", he's an administrator of the group Beard Mobb and President of the Beard Mobb Louisiana Chapter. He loves his Beard Mobb family. He's also says he's a "HUGE NEW ORLEANS SAIINTS FAN.. WHOOOOOO DAAAAAAAAT".

July 2018

Stephen Silva

Congratulations to Stephen Silva for winning Beard of the Month for July! His friends call him Bubba, he lives in Ceres, California and is part of the Modesto Beard & Mustache Coalition. He's all new to the beard world and had no idea what a great bunch of beardos it was. Great beard, Stephen!

June 2018

Mike Watson

Mike has been married 20 years, has 4 great kids and is also an Arizona native. He's been working on his current beard about 8 months this time around, but he says he's pretty much had some form of facial hair since getting out of the Air Force in September 1990. In the little spare time he has, he enjoys hanging with his kids while they still let him and attending their various sporting events and concerts. Congratulations, Mike and thank you for your service!

May 2018

Benjamin Lutz

Benjamin is 33 years old, lives in Germany and he's married. He has 2 cats and the Beard Booze logo tattoo on his right calf! He's had a beard since 2014 but always kept it trimmed. In 2017 he started his yeard journey and he says "that's why this Beard of the Month is special to me because thats the month I finished my yeard! Oh, and I'm a proud Beard Boozer!" Congratulations, Benjamin!

April 2018

Scooter Allison

Congratulations to Scooter Allison for winning Beard of the Month for April! He is 43 years old and lives in Rome, Georgia. He's always had a mustache or goatee since he was old enough to shave, but has always admired a good, thick beard. About 3 and a half years ago while on vacation at the beach he told his wife he was going to see how far I could go with a beard. Now, it’s become his calling card. He get more comments and conversations started about his beard than anything else he's ever experienced. Great beard, Scooter!

March 2018

George Prout

Congratulations to George Prout for winning Beard of the Month for March! George had a small goatee but was invited to be in a Renaissance themed wedding, so he had to grow his beard out. Challenge accepted. Two years later his beard has become a lifestyle and there's no stopping in sight. Being from Flint Michigan without a lot of positivity and their water crisis, he hopes this win brings just a bit of positivity to his hometown. Awesome job, George and great beard story!

February 2018

JP Armas

Congratulations to JP Armas on winning Beard of the Month for February 2018! He's been growing this glorious beard for 18 months now and this is his second attempt at at a full beard. JP is 43 years young and a father of five boys (23, 22, 17, 13 and 12 years old). He is married to the love of his life, Precious. Together they share custody of their little boy "King", a three pound, four year old Yorkshire Terrier. JP works for the county of Riverside. He was Born in Guatemala C.A. and came to the United States when he was only one year of age. He does not have any hobbies, "maybe due to the fact that my family takes up all of my free time and money, which is what a hobby normally consumes", he says. Last but not least, JP says, "Go Buffalo Bills". Congratulations JP, awesome beard! 

January 2018

John Chapman

Congratulations to John Chapman for being selected as the first Beard of the Month for 2018! John lives in Southeast Missouri and will be going into his 3rd year growing his beard. He has a wife and two kids, a boy and a girl, and a grandoggy named Scooby! He drives a forklift at Nestle Purina PetCare and loves the outdoors, including gardening, fishing and taking selfies!


December 2017

Jack Campbell

jack beard of the month

Congratulations to Jack Campbell on winning Beard of the Month for December! He's a simple guy, an underemployed frame carpenter and father of 3. He loves the outdoors and coaching youth sports, but history is his passion. He enjoys living histories and Civil War reenactments with his son. Jack also likes string bands and home brews and he's proud to be a part of the bearded brotherhood.


November 2017

Chris Campbell

chris campbell beard of the month

Congratulations to Chris Campbell from Kansas City, Missouri for winning Beard of the Month for November! He's been growing this beard for a couple years, he's a biker, dump truck driver, father of three and grandpa of five. Chris is also a board member of a parrot rescue and currently lives with 11 parrots (his and foster birds). 


October 2017

Devin Ryan Johnson

Congratulations to Devin Ryan Johnson for being selected as Beard of the Month for October! Devin is a seven and a half year army combat veteran, a husband, a father and a Freemason. He enjoys hunting, fishing and community service. He also would like to give a shout out to his barber at Genesis Barber Studio and says "if you're ever in Anchorage or The Mat-Su Valley look them up to get your beard pampered." Devin is also a huge college football fan and his favorite team is Florida State! #FEARTHESPEAR


August 2017

Christopher Rudd

Congratulations to Christopher Rudd for winning Beard of the Month for August! Christopher is an avid hunter and fisherman from South Jersey. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors and gaming with friends online. His life motto is "Stuff happens, but everything will be fine". Awesome beard, Sir!

July 2017

Brandon Ambrose

Shout out to Brandon Ambrose for winning Beard of the Month for July! Brandon is 32 years young and has been married to an amazing woman for 9 years and they have two beautiful daughters together. He served in the coast guard for 7 years as an engineer and a boarding officer. He also loves Alabama football, batman, drinking beer and collecting beard products.


June 2017

Rusty Williams

May 2017

Michael Gear

may beard of the month

Congratulations to Michael Gear for winning Beard of the Month for May! Michael is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Alabama and obviously a huge college football fan. He's married with three wonderful children and an English bulldog named Elvis. He also loves classic muscle cars and is a huge movie buff. 


March 2017

Jordan Blair

Congratulations to Jordan Blair for winning Beard Booze Beard of the Month for March! Jordan is  26 years old and has been married for almost 7 years and has a daughter who is 3. He's a bearded pediatric nurse and plays semi-pro football! He takes pride in his beard and the products he uses to make it even more badass! Epic beard brother!


February 2017

Tyler Sherbeyn

Congratulations to Tyler Sherbeyn and his epic beard for winning Beard Booze Beard of the Month for February! Tyler has been growing his beard for over 4 years. He enjoys leather working, throwing axes, collecting tobacco pipes and drinking beer! Those activities seem very fit for such a majestic beard! Congratulations, Tyler and thanks for your participation.


January 2017

Mike Juneau

Congratulations to Mike Juneau for winning our January 2017 Beard of the Month! Mike was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is 44 years old, and for his whole life he has had some kind of facial hair. About 2 years ago he started to let it grow without trimming it. Mike says, “Then I dyed it to hide the gray!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! So I trimmed it and started over!!!” He has been working in the construction field for over 20 years and is a father to 3 wonderful kids! He is a Halloween enthusiast and loves Renaissance festivals. He is a lover of art, writing and creation. Just recently, he started to write his first book. He is an Avid sword & medieval weapons collector and loves Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He loves strolling through graveyards as there's a lot of them in New Orleans. As he rummages through his past, he finds himself at a crossroad, a crossroad of redemption and a crossroad of opportunity. He often tells himself, “it is I that chooses the path I walk, and it is I that will live with the choices I make for the rest of my days to come. So choose well my friends! And carry on with this thing called "Life".”


December 2016

Harry Keister

Beard of the Month - December - Harry Keister

Harry Keister of Farmersville, Ohio and his epic beard have been selected as Beard of the Month for the month of December! Harry turns 42 on December 8th (Happy Birthday) and works for Community Green Landscape Group, where he has worked for almost 10 years now. He's had some form of facial hair since he's been able to grow it and a full beard for the last 4 years. After the first two of those four years he shaved it off for charity! He has been growing his current beard since, about two years now without trimming a single whisker. Harry loves the outdoors, he's a father of two, originally from Cincinnati and misses Harambe. He's recently joined the competitive bearding scene and has met some amazing people and great friends along they wa and looks forward to meeting many more. Congratulations, Harry! Well deserved and good luck in your upcoming events.


November 2016

William Stang

William Stang

William Stang and his fantastically beautiful beard have been selected as Beard Booze Beard of the Month for the month of November! William's been bearding full time for two and a half years and growing facial hair for 22 years. He is a father of two awesome kids and teaches Architectural Technology students at a college in Calgary, Alberta. He loves music, particularly live, and has traveled all over North America to take in concerts. He is a beer aficionado, as some of you Beard Boozers may already know, and is always looking for the next delicious pint. Since becoming bearded, he has met some amazing people, both in person and online. He says "the camaraderie among beard lovers is terrific and I am happy to have found such a great group of people, Beard on!" Congratulations William, well-deserved!


October 2016

Jason Turner

Congratulations to Jason Turner for winning our October Beard of the Month! Jason is also known as Tank D from CMT's Redneck Island with Stone Cold Steve Austin! He is currently doing the "dad thing", taking care of his future bearded son and driving fork lifts. When he was 12, his dad took him into the bathroom and showed him how to be a man, he ate the razor. Jason says, "Shave the beaver, save the beard!" Congratulations on all your life accomplishments as well as winning Beard of the Month!


September 2016

Vincent Ornelas

September Beard Booze Beard of the Month

Vincent Ornelas and his glorious beard have been selected as September's Beard of the Month! In his spare time he loves spending time with his friends and family and of course loves stroking his beard! It is an epic beard at that. Congratulations, Vincent!


August 2016

Cody Roy Minnich

Cody Roy Minnich will hit his yeard in just a couple of days!  While he was growing up his father always had an awesome beard and he always said when he got older he would grow one as well. I would say he has definitely done that! Unfortunately, his father passed away recently, sorry for your loss brother.  In his spare time, Cody enjoys spending time with his son, his girlfriend and her daughter.  Cody also has a birthday coming up as he will be turning 30 at the end of August. Also, as of August 8th, Cody will have been clean of drugs and alcohol for a year!  A lot of big milestones coming up and to add to it all, Beard Booze Beard of the Month! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and happy upcoming birthday!


July 2016

Cory Mack

Cory Mack and his magnificent beard have been selected as the Beard Booze Beard of the Month for the month of July! 

Cory has been growing this epic beard for two and a half years! He works at an auto body shop and loves drag racing.  In his free time he also loves spending time with his family and friends.  Congratulations, Cory.  That is one magnificent beard, Sir!


June 2016

Matthew Zander


Matthew Zander and his glorious mane have been selected as the Beard Booze Beard of the Month for the month of June! 

A little bit about Matthew... he is a hipster bearded man that lives in St. Petersburg Florida.  He told us, "I never knew back in August of 2014 that this beard would be a part of me & a part of my life. Doesn't matter where I am or go. But I get compliments on this epic beard. Thank you Beard Booze for making me beard of the month for June. This couldn't have happened at a better time."  We thank YOU, Sir for your participation and the honor.  Majestic beard!


May 2016

Andi Priest

Andi Priest and his majestic red viking beard have been selected as the Beard Booze Beard of the Month for the month of May!  

Andi is not a man of many words, but appears to be an avid cyclist and enjoys spending time with his family.  Check him out on Twitter at @gingesjimny.  Excellent beard, Sir!